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"Funny Money" is a term that would best describe the stupidity of our government borrowing the money it needs from overseas owned private financial institutions when it could access it from the country's central bank (the Reserve Bank), which it owns.
This means that $4,500,000,000 of taxpayer money every year goes to pay interest when it could go towards things that benefit Kiwis - like better health care, housing the homeless, fixing child poverty, better education, building houses, roads, and sewage plants, etc.
Social Credit is committed to changing that, and putting in place a financial system that really works for New Zealanders and the planet.
English Group Should Be Shipped Out in 24 Hours
Media Release 16.01.2019
Chris Leitch, Leader
The Minister of Immigration should find a way to deport, within 24 hrs, the English group wrecking a trail of havoc across the country.
The suggestion that they should have 14 days to appeal the deportation notice to Immigration NZ and a further 28 days before a further appeal is a nonsense.
So is getting them to front up in court on minor burglary charges.
These yobbos have made it patently clear that they have no respect for New Zealand or the hard working people in the hospitality industry who have had to put up with treatment that is totally unacceptable.
New Zealand needs to make an example of them to show others who might think of visiting this country that we will not put up with behaviour of that nature.
Otherwise we will become a laughing stock and will be inviting others of similar ilk to put this country on their destination list.
Not taking that action will mean many more Kiwis will be abused by this group and many more businesses subjected to appalling behaviour and loss of income.
Kiwis Should Move Their Accounts to a NZ Owned Bank
Media Release 01.01.2019
Chris Leitch, Leader
Kiwis should make a New Year’s resolution to move their bank accounts to Kiwibank, or one of the other wholly owned New Zealand banks, said Social Credit Leader Chris Leitch.
The big four Aussie owned banks dragged over $5,128 million in profit out of the back pockets of Kiwis last year – four times more profit than the 10 largest companies on the NZ Stock Exchange.
Those profits have increased substantially over the past few years, proving the banks are huge money-making machines who ship the majority of it offshore to their Australian and US owners creating a major drain on the New Zealand economy.
Most of the profit was made by the banks charging fees and interest on money they didn’t have - money created on their computer keyboards at the time of the loan.
The idea that banks lend out money people deposit with them is a myth, a fact confirmed by Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England from 2003 to 2013 in a recent speech “When banks extend loans to their customers they create money by crediting their customer’s account”.
Had even a quarter of that massive profit gone instead to Kiwibank, through Kiwis having moved their accounts last year, dividends to the Government would have provided over a billion dollars extra for health care, and education.
National Hypocrites Over Surf Lifesaving Funding
Media Release 23.12.2018
Chris Leitch, Leader
The National Party’s launch of a petition calling for government funding for surf lifesavers is one of the most hypocritical actions by a political party in recent memory.
National had nine years in government during which it could have done exactly what the petition is calling for, but it didn’t.
Instead it was the biggest slasher of funding ever, to numerous organisations that provided much needed community services.
In 2016 District Health Board budgets were cut by $138 million, meaning psychological services in Canterbury faced cuts from $1.6 million to $200,000, while trauma counselling was halved to $400,000.
Also in 2016 they cut $7.3 million for Parents as First Teachers, and operational grants for public schools were frozen. In 2009 $13 million was cut from adult community education, and a 2017 study showed cuts of $260 million per year for preschool childcare and education since 2010.
National denied there was a housing crisis while selling off thousands of state houses, and extracted $664 million in dividends over seven years from Housing NZ that could have been spent on new houses, all while immigration was running at record levels exceeding 70,000 per year.
The government should access its funding from the central bank and free up $4.5 billion per year for lifesavers and a host of other groups, along with hospitals, and schools.
Govt Should Invest in Waste to Energy Plant
Media Release 13.11.2018
Chris Leitch, Leader
The Government should invest in building a waste to energy plant south of Auckland.
Landfills are the least preferable option for rubbish disposal, and with new technologies, waste to energy plants have the potential to be carbon negative.
In addition the government should pass legislation requiring at least 60% of waste to be re-processed by 2025 rather than being dumped into landfills.
A planned new rubbish dump site in the Dome Valley will cover 1000 hectares and, in addition to being a blot on the landscape, will waste an enormous resource that could be turned into profit.
While the vast majority of waste collected in New Zealand goes into rubbish dumps, waste to energy plants like those in Norway recycle a much greater amount of usable material from the waste stream, and what is left is burnt at very high temperatures and turned into energy.

Farewell Harry Smith
Long time Social Credit stalwart Harry Smith - signwriter, musician, and raconteur extraordinaire passed away recently.
Since the late 1970's Harry contributed much time and effort to advancing monetary reform.
He was particularly famous for an enormous banner he created (with help) which was hung on the cliffs of East Coast Bays in the 1980 by-election reading "It's a cliffhanger".
It was painted in sections in a warehouse and was so big and heavy it had to be assembled on the roadway above the cliffs in the early hours of the morning before being draped down the cliff.
The party won the by-election, Garry Knapp an his team beating Don Brash, who later became National Party leader and governor of the Reserve Bank.
Harry was also a key member of the "Democratic Dozen" who famously invaded Room 216 in Parliament to protest at the Labour government breaking it's promise to hold a referrendum on changing the first- past-the-post electoral system to proportional representation. The party favoured STV, but MMP was foisted upon the country in 1996.
Harry painted the banner hung outside, and was one of the 12 who went into the room for 3 days.
He stood as a candidate several times and was a tireless worker for Social Credit. He was known by many as "Mr Social Credit" in his home town of Gisborne.
Farewell Veny Palmer
Along with husband Ray (deceased) who was, among other roles, Regional President for many years, Veny Palmer passed away recently. She was one of the key activists in Rangiora for decades, who raised money, signed up members, baked cakes, delivered flyers, and put up signs. She fulfilled the role of Regional & Branch Secretary, and Regional & Branch Treasurer at various times. She willingly opened her home to short or long stay Social Credit guests and her hospitality was legendary. She will be sadly missed.
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