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"Funny Money" is a term that would best describe the stupidity of our government and councils borrowing the money they need from overseas owned private financial institutions when they could access it from the country's central bank (the Reserve Bank), which the Government owns.
Currently $6,000,000,000 of taxpayer money every year goes to pay interest when it could go towards things that benefit Kiwis - like better health care, housing the homeless, fixing child poverty, better education, building houses, roads, and sewage plants, fully funding St Johns Ambulance, etc.
Social Credit is committed to changing that, and putting in place a financial system that really works for New Zealanders and the planet.

Robertson would rather pay bankers than teachers
Media Release 15.05.2019
Local Govt Funding Submission
February 2019
Finance Minister Grant Robertson’s claim that ‘there is simply no more money to go into the [education] sector” is a lie, according to Social Credit Party Leader, Chris Leitch.
I challenge him to explain why he would rather pay $6,000,000,000 dollars every year to bank shareholders and PPP scheme financiers, yet refuse teachers, support staff, and principals the funding needed to provide our children with the best education possible.
The Reserve Bank could fund our government without charging interest, the mechanism Michael Joseph Savage’s government used.
Local councils are facing increased demands on their funding, organisational, and service delivery capabilities.
Councils ablility to increase rates and charges is being constrained, with more ratepayers on fixed incomes, and the majority of wage earners already living with household budgets under stress.
There is funding option that has not been investigated by local government New Zealand or by individual councils.
Banks Create
says Brian Gaynor
- NZ Herald
We've said, since the 1920's, that banks create money - they don't lend  money people deposit with them.
Now, yet another one of NZ's leading economic commentators, Brian Gaynor, agrees.
'Banks create money by lending to individuals who immediately place these borrowings on deposit.'
We were right all along.
We'll restore that right to the Reserve Bank.
Time for Social Credit to be in government.

Social Credit condemns Ecuador’s capitulation over Julian Assange
Media Release 14.04.2019
All New Zealand’s political parties should condemn Ecuador’s capitulation on asylum for Julian Assange and it’s handing him over to British authorities.
That capitulation appears to have been facilitated by a $4.3 Billion (USD) loan to Ecuador from the US dominated International Monetary Fund on the day Assange's asylum was revoked.
Social Credit has long said that if sovereign nations took control of their own monetary issuance via their own central bank, such loans would not be necessary.
Banks should pass on the full amount of OCR rate cut
Media Release 14.04.2019
The Social Credit party is calling on the country’s banks to pass on to borrowers the full amount of yesterday's cut in the OCR rate by the Reserve Bank.
At a time when banks are making more profit then they ever have, despite tightening economic conditions, they should not be holding back some of the OCR cut to further increase their already massive profits.
New Zealanders should be the beneficiaries of the Reserve Banks’ move, not foreign shareholders of the country's major banks.

National Responsible for Health Crisis
Media Release 14.04.19
The National Party is responsible for the greatest health crisis the country has ever faced.
The Sunday programme on TV One highlighted a crisis in maternal health care that providers of mental health services clearly identified as caused by a major lack of funding.
A simple change in economic thinking would free up $5 billion dollars per year to put into health, education, social services, and other things that would benefit kiwis.
Social Credit is the only political party in New Zealand that is committed to making that change.

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