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"Funny Money" is a term that would best describe the stupidity of our government and councils borrowing the money they need from overseas owned private financial institutions when they could access it from the country's central bank (the Reserve Bank), which the Government owns.
Currently $6,000,000,000 of taxpayer money every year goes to pay interest when it could go towards things that benefit Kiwis - like better health care, housing the homeless, fixing child poverty, better education, building houses, roads, and sewage plants, fully funding St Johns Ambulance, etc.
Social Credit is committed to changing that, and putting in place a financial system that really works for New Zealanders and the planet.
Here's what could be done with that $6 Billion every year

Help us stop the Chinese takeover of Westland Milk

Open Letter to Jacinda Ardern Grant Robertson Winston Peters
08.07. 2019
Social Credit has been seeking financial and legal support to lodge an urgent injunction to stop the takeover of Westland Milk Products by Chinese conglomerate Inner Mongolian Yili which is 25% owned by the Chinese government.
That application for an injunction needed to be lodged before August 1st – the date the Scheme of Arrangement for the sale kicked in.
There were a number of grounds the party and its legal team were considering but we've decided not to contest the Scheme of Arrangement or the High Court decision to approve it.
Consequently an injunction will not be proceeded with.
The legal team are now focussing on the Overseas Investment Office decision.
Donations can be paid to this account - Kiwibank 38-9000-0601245-02  and will only be used for the injunction and the subsequent legal action unless otherwise indicated by you.
We welcome offers of legal assistance to
The dairy industry is New Zealand’s largest exporter, bringing in our greatest amount of overseas exchange.
You must be aware the second largest processor of milk in the country is about to be sold to a Chinese conglomerate substantially owned by the government of China.
This should be ringing alarm bells louder however, from New Zealand's economic and strategic perspective, is the potential for this to be a stepping stone to the control by the government of another country of our entire milk processing capability, giving them the power to dictate the price that New Zealand's milk producers will receive for their product.
Strategically there is ample evidence that China is working hard to increase its influence in the Pacific. Australia is awake to that fact, and New Zealand has been warned by the likes of Ron Asher (The Jaws of the Dragon - How China is taking over New Zealand and Australia), Anne Marie Brady, and others.
You have in your hands the ability to keep Westland Milk in the ownership of New Zealand and its West Coast farmer shareholders - at no cost to the government or New  Zealand taxpayers.

OCR rate cut action called for
Now that the shock horror merchants and doom and gloom predictors have had their say on the Reserve Bank's cut in the OCR to 1%, it's time for action.
The Bank itself could start the process by offering to fund government infrastructure projects and investments that would boost the productivity of New Zealand businesses.
After all, if it was good enough for it to provide money to the country's overseas owned private banks during the global financial crisis to ensure they could continue to deliver massive profits to their shareholders, then surely it's good enough for it to generate funding for the government to invest in the productive base of our economy.......
The third option could be implemented within a few short months. A dividend paid to New Zealand citizens would not be a handout. It would be their return on the investment in time, innovation, and hard work that they, their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents have made in creating the assets and economic base the country now enjoys.
It could be paid in 3 monthly instalments, initially to those on the lowest incomes, and progressively to all New   Zealand citizens.

Banks crying ‘wolf’ over higher capital requirements
Media Release 02.07.19
Social Credit is accusing the Australian owned banks of crying ‘wolf’ over the Reserve Bank's proposals for banks to hold higher capital ratios.
Party leader Chris  Leitch says any extra costs involved in the higher capital ratios should not be passed on to consumers nor should they hurt the economy.
Adrian Orr and the Reserve Bank should not be put off by threats from the banks or from John Key who is acting in the best interests of the bank he is chairman of, not in the interests of New Zealand.
It should be remembered that every single loan a bank grants to a borrower is created by the bank out of thin air. Banks don't lend money people have deposited with them. They create new money in the process of lending.
Westland Shareholders Urged Not To Sell
Media Release 03.07.2019
Social Credit is urging farmers attending the Westland Milk shareholders meeting tomorrow to vote against the sale of the company to Chinese government owned Yili.
Yili has access to unlimited sums of money from China's central bank which allows it to make the kind of offer it has for Westland, while West Coast farmers are being hung out to dry by their own government.
They need to remind the Labour Party that it was the party that put in place an overdraft facility at the Reserve Bank at a cost of just one percent interest for the Dairy Board, at no cost to taxpayers, back in 1936.
Taxpayers will be banks’ deposit insurance scheme backstop
Media Release 24.06.2019
The bank deposit insurance scheme just announced by government is no more then a licence for banks to create even more money out of thin air than they already do and be less responsible about who they lend it to, knowing the taxpayer will bail them out if they get it wrong.
Taxpayers and bank customers will end up footing the bill for the new scheme as banks will pass on additional costs in their lending rates and taxpayers will be the final backstop for any bad bank decisions.
Banks already have the right to take money out of depositors’ accounts to bail themselves out should they get into financial trouble.

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