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Policy Topics

The importance of the agricultural sector to the country is undisputed. Social Credit views family owned farms as the best in terms of production and environmental responsibility. We see a future in diversification and high value niche market organics.
Social Credit will support the agriculture sector by:

Encouraging low-volume, high value primary agricultural products

Processing of primary products close to their source where practicable, enhancing local communities

Supporting individual, family or co-operative ownership of agricultural land, and discouraging big corporate style farming operations

Helping Kiwi farmers buy their own farms by re-establishing the Rural Bank & making low interest loans available

Preventing the sale of agricultural land into foreign ownership

Implimenting plant-breeding programmes to maintain pure strains of seed stock

Promoting research into and use of biological control of agricultural pests, rather than the use of chemicals

Fazing out the use of 1080 aerial drops as quickly as practicable in favour of more environmentally friendly pest management tools

Eradication or control of noxious weeds and animals

Promotion of ‘energy farming’ using renewable resources

Getting rid of the Emissions Trading Scheme

Providing support for fencing waterways, renewing wetland areas, and planting native trees

Resourcing inspection teams to ensure more thorough inspection of all goods entering New Zealand, to minimise the likelihood of damage to agriculture and the environment from imported pests and diseases
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