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"The Social Credit Association aims to put in place
an economic system that works for people and the planet"  
Chris Leitch - President
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Policy Topics

Forests are a natural heritage, a vital part of our eco-system, important for land stabilisation, carbon sequester, and a valuable commercial resource.
Social Credit will:

• Conserve forests both as a natural heritage and a commercial resource

• Stop any further sales of forests to overseas interests

• Put in place a requirement for immediate replanting nearby where native timber is logged

• develop co-operative forestry ventures, through long term, low interest loans

• Promote crop diversification, new products and new wood-based derivatives, leading to the cessation of wood imports

• Promote the use of timber and wood wastes for energy production

• Scrap the Emmissions Trading Scheme

Make the sale of cutting rights subject to end-processing in New Zealand for home use and export
• Manage forests for multi-use: timber production, farm forests, recreation and hunting, and cash crops

• Upgrade and improve New Zealand's transport systems for more efficient transportation of logs and timber products
John Rawson, Forestry Spokesman
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