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New Zealand’s Immigration policy needs a major overhaul. We do not believe immigration based on overseas money should be used as the major driver of the economy. The purchase of residency will be stopped immediately. With the exception of existing relationships with countries in the Pacific, immigration quotas will be set to ensure smooth integration into existing communities and avoid, where possible, clustering of large ethnic communities into specific areas. Quota assessment criteria will be developed and regularly reviewed, but will focus on skills beneficial to the country.
Social Credit will:

Endeavour to retain the services of its own citizens, and to attract back those who have already left (particularly those with academic and business acumen), by stabilising our cost of living, reducing taxation, and other measures in our economic policies

Require businesses to give Kiwi workers a fair chance before they’re given the right to bring in workers from overseas

Immigration will be heavily biased towards skills needed to provide a strong service sector (such as health & education), and develop a sustainable internal supply chain and healthy export capacity

Encourage entrepreneurs, but only in fields that support this goal

Target people with specialist knowledge or skills, experienced in operating or working in successful enterprises outside of major cities, to boost regional development

Through regional development policies, create a positive incentive for immigrants to consider settling in regional centres

Ensure that granting of immigration status does not mean open door access to distant relatives

Confine annual net immigration within a range (currently 15,000 to 22,000) which meets New Zealand's labour requirements, and meets our responsibilities to the international community. The range will be reviewed annually

Ensure migrant workers being brought in for relatively low skilled jobs are not underpaid and working and living in unacceptable conditions

Actively enforce and increase penalties for migrant worker exploitation

Give employers access to very low interest rates on money borrowed to increase efficiency and capacity through installing new technology and equipment. This will be conditional on wage rates increasing as the resulting improvement in bottom lines flows through

As an interim measure, under our Adequate Living Income policy provide Kiwi workers with a significant incentive to take up lower paid jobs

Continue the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme to allow people from Pacific Island nations to work in New Zealand for part of the year to provides a flow of money back to the Islands. This is more positive support than is often provided through direct foreign aid

Give urgency to ensuring that every fishing vessel operating in our waters, including our Exclusive Economic Zone, is operating under all of our laws and regulations to stop the exploitation of overseas workers, and assist with protecting our fishing stocks

Increase the current quota of 750 refugees per year to 1,000 to recognise a significant increase in genuine refugees needing resettlement

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