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"The Social Credit Association aims to put in place
an economic system that works for people and the planet"  
Chris Leitch - President
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A website dedicated to changing the economic basis on which our country is run.
Find quotes and articles from a host of international and New Zealand economists, professors of economics, and financial commentators, all writing about similar concepts to what Social Credit is promoting.

The Social Credit Secretariat
Through this educational site you can find out more about the origins of Social Credit and its founder Clifford Hugh Douglas
There are answers to 82 questions about Social Credit, it's benefits to people and and how it might work, publications to download, and other resources.

Positive Money
A not-for-profit research and campaigning organisation based in London, that aims to achieve a money and banking system that enables a fair, sustainable and democratic economy. They work with economists, academics, journalists, policy makers and the public. They helped launch the International Movement for Monetary Reform, in order to coordinate with partners around the world.

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If you want
 - Better Housing           - More Say
 - Better Roads         - Lower Rates
 - Better Health Care     - Less Tax
 - Better Education  - Clean Rivers
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