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Social Credit, isn’t that the “funny money party”?

Many of our forward thinking policies were given such labels by politicians and exonomists fearful of losing their power, but as time has gone by many now believe there is something far funnier going on with our present money system.

We questioned the banking system's methods and asked why money came into  circulation as a debt. We pointed out debt is continually increasing and  asked why. Rather than answering truthfully, they endeavoured to belittle us, and question our right to ask the question.

There just has to be a reason why, despite our best efforts, District  Health Boards; Education facilities; Local & Regional Government; Students; Household; Mortgage and Corporate debts keep growing unabated. Even our Government debt places a burden of $4.5 billion on tax payer's  shoulders, despite the sale of many publicly owned assets.

So what could be "funnier" than the present outdated and dishonest money system?

Have you noticed how people with no real answers have to resort to ridicule?

In March 1988 our money supply "M3" was $43,101,000,000.
In September 2010 our money supply "M3" was $208,382,000,000.

$165,281,000,000 was created at little or no cost, and then lent to us to use, with an accompanying rent (interest charge) in the process.
Somebody sure has been "printing" a lot of money.
The money supply was increased by a small group of privately (mostly overseas) owned banks, for the benefit their shareholders, not Kiwis.

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