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The Social Credit Party recognises that New Zealand's transport infrastructure is essential to the economy and must be owned by the people of New Zealand, and funded by the Government.
The Social Credit Party will:

• Impliment a publicly-owned, integrated transport system (e.g. roads) for all regions

• Introduce a standard fuel tax to replace road user charges

• Develop, upgrade, and repair roads, bridges, and rail infrastructure through the Community Credit Programme funded by nil or low interest Reserve    Bank loans

• Use all transport-related taxes, fees, charges, and fines to build, develop, and maintain New Zealand's transport network

• Encourage the sending of bulk freight (containers, logs etc) by rail where economically feasible

• Restore Air New Zealand to full public ownership

• Fast track building the rail extension to Marsden Point

• Urgently upgrade the Northern rail line

• Develop an extensive rail shunting yard at Helensville

• Prevent the Ports of Auckland from expanding commercial activities further into the Waitemata  Harbour

• Adequately fund research and development of alternative fuels and renewable energy sources

• Adequately fund research and development of rapid transit systems adapted for New Zealand

• Deliver a safe, sustainable transport strategy

David Wilson, Transport spokesman
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